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Nibbles and Yum-Yums: July 16, 2010

Tasty bowl of candyThis post is a part of the weekly series in which I share my favorite Internet finds from the past week. Enjoy!

9 Simple and Free Activities to Trigger Creative Inspiration

Some thoughts on coaxing the muses to come out and play…by yours truly. This guest post appeared on The Skool of Life, one of my favorite personal development blogs. The author, Srini, is so genuine and honest which, at times, feels very rare in the blogosphere.

Finding Your Career Path

This article comes from Ms. Career Girl, a blog I’ve just found but I think I kind of love it. This article gives a few really great points to consider when exploring the age old question of “What do I want to be when I grow up?” However, it’s woefully incomplete. The process is much more involved than what this author outlines. I’ve created a comprehensive step-by-step process for helping people figure out what they want to do career-wise and I believe it truly takes time and some serious self-analysis. This article is a nice start, but not nearly enough.

50 Ways to Start Fresh

Feeling trapped? Want to go back to bed and wake up to a new life? Check out this list for some amazing suggestions on how to conquer boredom and ignite a new spark! Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Dragos Roua won’t let you down.

How to Find Your Goals

This is an interesting read about values-based goal setting. I think the author hits the nail on its head in this one. Any goal worth pursuing needs to be based on your core values, and those are the goals that will keep you motivated long-term. This article contains an exercise to help you figure out exactly how to make sure your goals are aligned with your values.

Photo Credit: Yomi955 (Flickr)

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