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Nibbles and Yum-Yums: August 13, 2010

I’ve been a little remiss in my nibbles as of late so today, I’m sharing a bigger bite that unusual. I hope you’re hungry!!

First off, if you haven’t seen yet, I’m giving away five copies of my Stress Management Workbook. To be entered to win, check out this post (it’s really easy!).

Inception Reflections

I’ll be honest here: The movie Inception lost me about halfway through when that one guy started floating around the hotel room. I’m definitely planning on watching it again, especially now that I’ve read this insightful analysis of how it relates to self-improvement. I just love it when creative people take something, break it apart, and turn it into something new and cool. Dragos Roua is known for this.

Be My Guest

I’ve done some guest posts recently on a few awesome blogs so click on through if you’re so inclined and read more from me in other places:

FREE Job Interview Success Kit

The mastermind behind Ask a Manager has just created a brand new downloadable guide called “How to Prepare for an Interview: Boost Your Confidence, Impress Your Interviewer and Get a Job.” It includes a ton of good stuff including a 4-step process for interview prep, a tip sheet to help you get in the right frame of mind, and a list of questions to ask in the interview (that always seems to trip people up). And here’s the best part: It’s free. 

My Newest Buddies

As most of you know, I recently attended a retreat in Portland, Oregon. I met so many great people, I feel like I stumbled into a hidden world of new and fabulous wonders. Now, I just want to share my treasures with the world! Meet the crew from the Lift Off Retreat and say “hi” if you’re interested. Don’t be shy…they’re all exceptionally approachable people.

And the wonderful event was hosted by Charlie Gilkey (Productive Flourishing) and Pamela Slim (Escape From Cubicle Nation).

Photo Credit: Picture of a monster cat eating ice cream via Niklas (Flickr)

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