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15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Major Career Change

If you’re considering a major career change, you may find the process a little overwhelming at first. To help organize your thoughts and feelings on the topic, ask yourself the following 15 questions.

Remember to answer thoughtfully and honestly. This is for your eyes only. Also, be sure to write your answers down. Putting abstract thoughts and feelings into words can help you identify what’s really going on and it adds a tangible element to the reflection process.

(Note: If you need help answering any of these questions, please download my free mini-workbook to help get the ball rolling.)

1.    What is it about my current career that isn’t working?

2.    What does this new career offer that my current career doesn’t?

3.    What does this new career ignite in my soul?

4.    How does this new career align with my core values?

5.    What are the long-term opportunities associated with this new career?

6.    What skills or resources will I need to take advantage of these long-term opportunities?

7.    Who do I know who is already in this career and can give me an honest “insider’s” perspective?

8.    Will my friends and family support this new career endeavor?

9.    How long will it take to make a comfortable living in this new career?

10.    Do I have the financial resources to make this new career work? If not, how can I get what I need to feel secure?

11.    What struggles can I predict in my transition to this new career?

12.    What can I do now to minimize these potential struggles?

13.    What specific experience do I hope to gain in this career move?

14.    How will my previous experience help me in this new role?

15.    Is this career move one step in a larger plan? If so, what does this new career need to provide in order to help me move forward?

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7 Responses to “15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Major Career Change”

  1. Scot Herrick says:

    This is one of the critical exercises in determining if changing a career is right for you. One could quibble about one question or another here, but the total hits the nail on the head: you have to know why you are doing what you are doing in a new career to find the right job.

    Unless you know yourself and why you want something, you will just drift with the current.

    Good post and a great need.

  2. Chrissy
    I enjoyed this. I like the questions. Too few people really stop and consider these things. For many it is about money and the truth is you owe it to yourself to enjoy work. It is too large a part of your life to leave to chance.

  3. You have some really great tips, thanks for sharing.

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  7. Samual says:

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