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Nibbles and Yum-Yums: September 17, 2010

This post is a part of the weekly regular series in which I share my favorite Internet finds from the past week. Enjoy!

Okay, let’s be honest here: This isn’t a weekly thing the way I originally planned it to be. It’s more of a “when-Chrissy-has-time-and-thinks-about-it” sort of thing. But I enjoy doing it and I hope you enjoy checking out my fabulous Internet treasures. So let’s all just nibble when the nibbles are around and not question the regularity with which they appear. Agreed?

The Scariest Video You Have Ever Watched in the Name of Science

Wanna appreciate what you do for a living? Watch this video and think about how you’re not “free climbing” a 1700 foot electrical tower as a storm approaches in the distance. Beware though: It made me a little queasy.

Working for Wonka

My friend, Kathy, recently started this snarky little blog that describes the madness that is working for an entrepreneur. If you’ve ever experienced this (or are considering taking the leap), head on over to Working for Wonka and get some support. You’re gonna need it.

The Big Re-Design (GULP)

In the month of October, I’ll be doing a big redesign of the Eat Your Career Laboratory (my home office). I’ll be documenting the entire thing here with images and maybe even a little video if I’m feeling adventurous. The Unclutterer Workspace of the Week section is providing tons of inspiration for me.

Oh, Citibank. I thought I knew you…

So, apparently Citibank recently sent this out to their female employees. Personally, I’m horrified. Really, Citibank? You think I need to be told not to brush my hair in public? And if I happen to do it, you think it will sabotage my career? Really? And this applies to women only? Really? This list is full of antiquated gender stereotypes: “women tend to be more naïve,” “women ask permission,” “women apologize for the smallest error.” I had a Citibank credit card but I just chopped it up. Done.

Photo Credit: Crispy_dewdrops (Flickr)

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One Response to “Nibbles and Yum-Yums: September 17, 2010”

  1. sera says:

    Wow on the citibank thing. If I had a citibank account, I’m pretty sure I’d cut it up too.

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