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How to Cope When You Don’t Get the Job

Originally published on U.S. News & World Report

You just got the phone call. They liked you a lot. The interview went well. But they’ve decided to go in another direction.

You’re disappointed and confused. You were perfect for this job. You have everything they’re looking for and more. How could any candidate be a better fit?

Instead of getting all worked up about it, take this as an opportunity for growth. Here are a few tips that may help:

1. Remember it’s for the best. The people making this decision know what they’re looking for much more than you do. Whether you see it or not, they don’t believe you’re a match. Trust that they know the role and their organization well enough to gauge the fit. It’s better that you know now. Wouldn’t it be awful to start a new job only to quickly learn that it’s not for you? The decision-makers are trying their hardest to make sure it’s the right thing for everyone involved, and they’ve likely saved you a lot of trouble. Now you can move on and find something that better suits your skills and personality.

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