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Quiz: Are You Change Resistant?

Ah, change: That mixture of glorious opportunity and crushing chaos. How do you deal with change? Do you kick and scream or do you roll with the punches? Find out which end of the spectrum you land on when it comes to handling the inevitable changes of life.

There are some people in this world who simply don’t handle change very well. They prefer stability and routine. These people would rather know what to expect than deal with the potential chaos that change brings.

Of course, there are others who simply love the excitement of change. They find it stimulating and freeing. These people enjoy the new pace and they recognize that chaos is part of the fun.

So, what kind of person are you? Not quite sure? Take this quiz and see.

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Go through each question as quickly as possible. Don’t put a lot of thought into the answer; just pick the first one that rings true. Make note of your answers on a piece of paper.

When I think of change, I feel:

a)    Anxious
b)    Excited

When policies at work change, I:

a)    Have a hard time getting into a new routine
b)    Pick them up quickly and easily

When my environment changes, I feel:

a)    Unsettled
b)    Free

I believe change is:

a)    Something to avoid
b)    Inevitable

I think people who force me to change:

a)    Make life difficult
b)    Keep me on my toes

When new people are hired at work, I feel:

a)    Worried about the team dynamic
b)    Happy to have a fresh perspective

The thought of changing jobs:

a)    Makes me sick
b)    Is intriguing – so many possibilities!

Change is another word for:

a)    Disaster
b)    New

I believe people can change:

a)    Nope
b)    Yep

Now, add up your answers.

If you have more A’s:

It was probably fairly obvious when you were going through this list that you lean more heavily on the “change resistant” end of the spectrum. That’s perfectly ok! There are plenty of us who love routine and find comfort in stability. But change does happen and when it does, you need to be capable of handling it. The next time life shakes things up a bit, try to focus your energy on handling the situation, not fighting against it. For more help, read this article:

If you have more B’s:

You “get” change and you like it! That’s because you don’t fight it; you simply understand that it’s a part of life. You see change for what it is: Opportunity. You’ve got a good handle on what it takes to get through turbulent times and your attitude will only help you along the way. When life throws you a curve ball, you think fast and reach for it. Keep up the great work.

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  1. Sue Bassett says:

    Hi Chrissy, I would like to use your quiz at a talk I am doing? Please let me know if it is okay. Thanks, Sue

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