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My name is Chrissy Scivicque and I’m on a mission.

As a former Executive Assistant, I have a deep appreciation for the field of office administration, and I understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with the role.

Here’s my goal: I want to ELEVATE the administrative profession. I want admins to get more respect, more appreciation, more training and more support. I want admins to contribute to their businesses in a deeper, more meaningful way.

That’s why I created the ELEVATE Admins program, a unique on-site training and coaching program designed to elevate performance, increase satisfaction and improve retention of high-quality administrative professionals. Unlike traditional training programs, ELEVATE Admins is 100% customized to meet the needs of your admin team and your business. It’s also a totally interactive experience, which supports deeper learning and creates a fun, engaging atmosphere for all who participate.

Learn more about the ELEVATE Admins program here >>

I want you, the administrative professional, to thrive in your career—and I know you want the same.

Now, here’s the thing: We need the support of companies in order to do this. We need to get executives and managers on board. Together, we can change the administrative profession for the better.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Download this helpful article on the topic and share it with your executives, your co-workers, your HR department, and anyone else who might benefit from the information. Doing so will show everyone that YOU take your role seriously. They’ll get a better sense of what you do and what you need in order to continue contributing to your company in a meaningful way.
  • Help bring the ELEVATE Admins program to your company. Introduce me to your HR folks, your executives and any other key decision makers. Tell them why you think your admin team needs my help to ELEVATE. Let me convince your company that you deserve this kind of support. Let me worry about “the budget” issue. Just help me get the meeting.
  • Visit and learn more about the program. Share the information. Talk it up. YOU have more power than you think. Use it!