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Outplacement Services

Business decisions have a personal impact on your staff. Help ease the transition for displaced employees.

Organizations in transition are often forced into difficult circumstances. When employees are displaced, the results can be devastating—for the employees as well as the business. Those who remain view the organization with suspicion, public perceptions can take a nosedive, and the employees who are affected face a tough road ahead.

How can your organization mitigate the consequences of layoffs? Offer your displaced employees assistance as they transition back into the job market.

What’s Included?

Our outplacement services encompass a variety of offerings designed to help ease the displaced employee through the transition while maintaining the company’s positive image both internally and externally. Providing this kind of assistance shows that the organization cares about its people, even when business circumstances require tough decisions.

Outplacement services include:

  • Resume revision assistance
  • Career coaching
  • Job search training
  • Interview preparation
  • LinkedIn training
  • Networking training

Many displaced employees have been out of the job market for decades. These services provide them with the skills and assistance they need to successfully transition into a new career.

Outplacement services are billed based on the number of employees affected. Our team is capable of handling groups from 1 to 100 and will provide personalized, one-on-one service that makes every employee feel cared for, supported and valued.

When business decisions have a personal impact on your staff, outplacement services can help ease the process for everyone involved.

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