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101 Goals in 1001 Days

This page is dedicated to a project I started at the end of 2010. It’s fairly self-explanatory (set 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days) but if you’d like to know more about the concept, Day Zero provides a great overview.

My Start Date: 12/15/2010

My Completion Date: 9/10/2013

Why I’m Sharing This With You:

I’m a firm believer in public accountability. When you share your goals and aspirations with others, you have additional motivation to follow through. Sure, it’s not always enough. But it helps. And I’ll take what I can get!

Plus, I figure it’ll be fun for you to watch as I cross things off my list. I’ll be updating this page on a regular basis.

*Note: Some specific information has been blocked off for confidentiality. My life is an open book…to a point. I’m sure you understand.

*Another note: Can you help me accomplish goal #97 ? If so, please let me know (or leave a comment below)!

  1. Save $xx,xxx cash
  2. Buy a new car
  3. Buy a house
  4. Buy a bike (My sister gave me one for free!)
  5. Investigate buying a scooter (Done. Decided against it.)
  6. Contribute to personal IRA
  7. Contribute $xxx per year to savings accounts for [nephews]
  8. Eliminate all debt and live debt-free for one year (Not gonna happen!)
  9. Create a will
  10. Prepare an emergency kit for the house
  11. Prepare an emergency kit for the car
  12. Go 10 days without spending any money
  13. Maintain a strict budget and track all income/expenses
  14. Write (and publish) a book
  15. Create and facilitate a group coaching program (Too many to count as of 12/2012)
  16. Create and launch a new info product (completed 1/12/2010)
  17. Work consistently with more than 10 career coaching clients per month (not sure this is realistic or what I really want anymore, but okay….)
  18. Redesign and upgrade the website (completed July 2012)
  19. Attend a bloggers convention (like SXSW)
  20. Reach 10,000 eNewsletter subscribers on (so close!!!!)
  21. Create a five year business plan
  22. Publish over 100 articles on the blog
  23. Join a local networking group (completed, joined and participate regularly in Chamber of Commerce, Denver Metro)
  24. Participate in the 3-day novel writing contest
  25. Have a role in a community theater production
  26. Learn to play piano
  27. Learn to sew (well enough to make an outfit I love)
  28. Learn to cook a gourmet meal and host a dinner party for friends and family to show it off
  29. Write a book of poetry & give as gifts for friends and family
  30. Learn how to play chess
  31. Take a cooking class
  32. Take a self-defense class (planned for Jan. 2013 with friends)
  33. Document my life with pictures, 1 per day for a whole year
  34. Take a dance class
  35. Take a sign language class
  36. Clear out house clutter and donate 100 things to charity (Done, multiple times!)
  37. Clean out closets and donate clothes that don’t fit (Done, multiple times!)
  38. Keep a gratitude journal every day for 1 year
  39. Paint a room in my house
  40. Try cross country skiing (Does snow shoeing count?)
  41. Get a kiss from Hal Sparks
  42. No TV or movies for one month
  43. Go to a water park
  44. Join a tennis team
  45. Start a collection of something cheap
  46. Wear my retainer regularly (NOT GONNA HAPPEN)
  47. Use teeth whitener once per month for 6 months (completed)
  48. See an improv show (completed)
  49. Enjoy a long-term relationship with someone who makes my heart sing
  50. Keep in touch with old friends by regularly calling and emailing (selective, but yes, happening…)
  51. Call Gram once a month (Trying to visit in person now…)
  52. Explore foster parenting (Done; chose to mentor first instead)
  53. Go on a picnic (completed multiple times!)
  54. Throw a tea party (planning a tea party Dec. 2012)
  55. Go on a 3-day water fast
  56. Do the Master Cleanse for 7 days
  57. Do a 10-day Bikram yoga challenge
  58. Do a 30-day Bikram yoga challenge
  59. Go on a meditation retreat
  60. Go on a yoga retreat
  61. Run a half-marathon (again)
  62. Reach xxx lbs and maintain it (up or down 5lbs)
  63. Complete one Team in Training activity (or another charity endurance event)
  64. Go on a 5 day technology fast
  65. Track all food intake for 6 months
  66. Visit a hot springs
  67. Dehydrate fruits and vegetables for snacks
  68. Visit the Farmer’s market every weekend for one summer
  69. Donate blood
  70. Maintain an herb garden
  71. Drink water as my only beverage for one month or longer
  72. Visit Graceland
  73. Visit Washington DC
  74. Visit Vancouver
  75. Travel outside North America (Europe, Asia and/or South America)
  76. See a Broadway musical in New York
  77. Take a week retreat alone in Savannah
  78. Take a trip with Mom
  79. Visit Niagra Falls
  80. See a show in Las Vegas
  81. Attend the Renaissance Fair
  82. Develop Habit: Make sure there are no dishes in the sink before going to sleep each night
  83. Develop Habit: Clean up clutter before going to sleep each night
  84. Develop Habit: Don’t let clothes pile up
  85. Develop Habit: Cook at home on average 4 nights a week
  86. Develop Habit: Watch no more than 1 hour of T.V. per day
  87. Develop Habit:Walk Mollie 2x per day regardless of weather
  88. Send out Christmas cards
  89. Read more than 100 books (see the list)
  90. Complete CTI courses
  91. Become a certified coach (completed, 5/2012)
  92. Go to the planetarium and learn about the stars
  93. Create a “Recommended Reading” page (completed for Fiction; Non-Fiction coming soon!)
  94. Read every book by Margret Atwood
  95. Read every book by Kazuo Ishiguro
  96. Go on a ghost tour
  97. Inspire 10 other people to make their own 101 in 1001 goal list
  98. Create a list of 50 things I love about myself
  99. Learn CPR
  100. Donate $10 to charity for each item on this list that I do not complete
  101. Read over this list once a week