Job interviews can be terrifying. So much is on the line! You're on display and you want to make the best impression, but you also want to better understand the job and the company and make sure it's right for you. After all, the interview should be a two-way discussion.

Woody Allen famously said that 80% of success is showing up. Unfortunately, when it comes to job interviews, this is totally wrong. Showing up is indeed a requirement, but you also need to bring your “A” game.

What does that mean?

  • You Feel Empowered

    It means you’re confident, prepared and able to clearly, concisely articulate why you’re the perfect candidate for this position.

  • You're REAL

    It means you’re authentically YOU and ready to ask the right questions to figure out if this job is a match for YOUR NEEDS (because remember, they’re interviewing you but you’re also interviewing them).

  • You do your best

    It means you’re putting your best foot forward—regardless of the negative experiences you may have had in the past.

Of course, this kind of awesome interview doesn’t just “happen”. It requires preparation and a little hard work. But I promise you, it does payoff.

No matter who you are, one thing is absolutely certain: Going into an interview without proper preparation will likely lead to embarrassment, lack of confidence, poor performance and loads of stress.

And, most importantly, it could cost you the job.

Get your “game face” on by preparing for your interview with a job search and interview expert.

Here’s how it works

Your 90-minute Job Interview Prep session includes:

  • Real-World Practice

    Together we will conduct a 30 minute mock interview to see your skills in action.

  • Honest Feedback

    Then we'll complete a 30 minute debrief to discuss what worked, what didn’t and what to do differently in the future.

  • Strategic Guidance

    Finally, we will spend 30 minutes reviewing strategies, answering your questions and completing specific exercises designed to help you identify the unique attributes that will ultimately land you the job. You will be given homework to continue making progress on your own.

Job Interview Prep Coaching
$297.00 USD

Includes 90-minute video conference session

Includes custom follow up "tip sheet" to help you keep important items top-of-mind

Free copy of the Rock Your Interview E-Guide to help you study