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TV Shows

My Favorite TV Shows of All Time

Do you have a list of your own?? No matter how big or how small, please share it in the comments below!

1.   Six Feet Under

I can’t say enough about this series. So beautiful, and thoughtful, and BIG. Love, life, death….It introduced me to one my favorite actors, Michael C. Hall (who is now better known for his role in my #4 favorite show). I think Nate, played by Peter Krause, is perhaps my favorite character of any EVER on TV. Oh, and I would be crazy if I didn’t mention that this series had the BEST FINALE EVER POSSIBLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Not to set your expectations too high or anything…

2.   Carnivale

Warning: This show ends at a horrible time! It didn’t get funding and was canceled at the worst point in the story. Perhaps this is one reason I loved it so…But really, it’s an intriguing show. Different and odd and like nothing else on TV. I watched this over a summer with my (now former) boyfriend and we just loved every second of it and wished we had more.

3.   Alias

Ummm, hello? I totally want to be Sydney Bristow. What woman doesn’t??? She’s so fierce!! Every episode brings a smile to my face. I will always love Jennifer Garner, no matter how many stupid chick movies she makes. We’ll always know she can kick some butt!!

4.   Dexter

Don’t judge me. I’m not a serial killer. I just like watching them on TV. Seriously. This is a brilliant show–full of surprises and GREAT guest characters. Seems like every season just up’s the ante. Oh, and last season (fourth, I think? The one with John Lithgow?) even Time Magazine said the finale was the “most surprising ending of any series EVER.” Take that.

5.   Sex & The City

I wouldn’t be a modern woman if I didn’t love this show. I own the series and have watched every episode probably 4 times at least. I’m a Carrie, by the way…though my friends tell me I’m a Miranda. Hurmph.

6.   (Tie) How I Met Your Mother / Modern Family

Both are hilarious and light, fluffy fun. HIMYM probably has a slight leg up since the mystery is still alive. I have theories. Email me and we’ll discuss….

7.   Arrested Development

Hilarity!! Can’t stop laughing!! This is a BRILLIANT show. Totally odd-ball but, if you love it, you LOVE it. Great line from the first episode, “Look what the homosexuals have done to me!”

8.   Fawlty Towers

John Cleese is pure awesomeness! I was introduced to this series while studying abroad in England and quickly became addicted. Trouble is, there’s only one season. But every episode is truly a gem. Grab some tea and a biscuit. Curl up and watch the whole series in a weekend. You’ll thank me!

9.   X-Files

My (now former) boyfriend and I watched this ENTIRE SERIES from beginning to end one summer. It was long. And very in-depth. And I liked it a lot. But I might not have understood it all. Somehow, it made this list. If you have answers, please email me. I still have questions.

10.   My So-Called Life

Oh, what a shame that this went off the air after season 1!! Right when Brian Krakhow was about to profess his love for Angela Chase, but instead he wrote a love letter to her for Jordan Catalano! I still love this show, even though I watched it in high school. It was just SO right-on. Somehow, they captured the essence of teenage life in that era. And the Buffalo Tom song that played when Jordan grabbed Angela’s hand?? BEST SONG EVER.