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If you’re thinking about coaching with me, you’re probably wondering what’s involved. As you may have noticed, each package includes a variety of activities, exercises, resources and custom assessments. Below, you’ll find a brief description of the various “tools in my toolbox.” Of course, this list is always growing and our work together will be tailored for your needs. But I hope it gives you a sense of what to expect.

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Listening, Reflection and Powerful Questions
These three elements are the foundation on which coaching is built. My role in every session, regardless of where we are in the process, is always to listen closely to what you’re saying (and not saying), reflect back what I’m hearing and seeing, and propel you to new insights through powerful questions that cause you to understand things in a new way.

Feedback, Advice and Recommendations
Though coaching isn’t about “telling” you what to do, there will be times when I share my opinions based on my experience and expertise. This is always open for discussion and often, my ideas are simply “jumping off” points for further exploration.

Discovery Session
Every package starts with a 90-minute Discovery Session during which we get to know one another. I will do some in-depth data gathering to better understand your unique situation and together, we’ll identify your saboteurs, challenges you’re facing, and potential obstacles that may come up as we work together. This is also the time to design our alliance. We’ll discuss exactly what you need and want from me as your coach and how I will provide that for you going forward. And lastly, we’ll work on creating goals against which we can track our progress.

Values Assessment
Using a series of powerful questions, we’ll identify your core values and explore ways in which they are currently being honored/dishonored. We’ll then look at ways to bring them to the surface in your daily personal and professional life. The resulting list of values we come up with will be a foundational tool we can reference in our work together, as we focus on making values-based decisions.

Future-Self Exercise
Through this guided meditation exercise, you’ll go on a journey to meet your future self and gain invaluable wisdom and insight. This image and information will act as a guiding north star for your decision making as we move forward.

Career Needs Assessment
Together, we’ll identify your unique career priorities. With a focus on 4 key areas (mental, physical, social and spiritual), we’ll create a comprehensive outline for you to keep and revise as your needs change. This document will be a critically important tool as you evaluate future career opportunities with a holistic and long-term point-of-view.

Risk Assessment
This evaluation helps us determine your risk tolerance level so we can make appropriate career-related decisions with a conscious balance of risk and reward. As your coach, I will help you plan for (and, at times, confront) the risks inherent in your career path, and I’ll ensure any risk you’re willing to assume is intelligent and thoroughly understood.

1-Year Professional Development Plan
This document provides an outline (by quarter) of the specific actions, skill development, and performance improvements required of you in order to make progress toward your defined career goals.

Resume and Cover Letter Evaluation
As an experienced copywriter and career coach, I will provide specific feedback regarding your resume and cover letter. You will receive a written list of recommended action items for you to execute. Once finished, we can continue to evaluate and modify your revised resume until you are content.

Resume and Cover Letter Creation/Revision
I will happily put my skills and experience to work for you by reorganizing, reformatting and rewording your resume to shed a whole new light on your professional abilities. I’ll write an original cover letter (in proper business format) that clearly demonstrates your personal brand and professional passion while proactively addressing any potential “red flags” that may deter prospective employers. You will receive a complete set including both a brand new resume and cover letter and I will provide one round of revisions if needed.

Interview Preparation Guide
This PDF includes extensive interview preparation materials including practice questions, guidance for answering, and a checklist for the big day. You’ll walk in confident and ready for anything.

Mock Interview Exercise
Together, we’ll go through a series of mock interview questions in a variety of different styles (formal, informal, etc.). I will provide extensive feedback and critique to help ensure you put your best foot forward in front of prospective employers.

Workflow Analysis
This in-depth interview style assessment combined with a paper intake form is used to evaluate current systems, and to determine specific performance challenges and areas for improvement. This process is the foundational piece for identifying growth opportunities and skill development needs.

Recommendation Report & Resource Kit
This comprehensive document is fully customized for your needs and may include some or all of the following: extensive resource lists, outline of specific structures to implement, recommended classes and trainings, conversation templates, worksheets, tip sheets, checklists, reading lists, schedules, action plans and more. Upon completion, you will receive a consolidated document for your records. However, resourced may be provided earlier if and when needed.

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