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On-Demand Training


You can now purchase one on-demand Career Academy training session without becoming a full Career Academy Member

Interested in attending just one Career Academy training session? No problem. On-Demand Career Academy training is here!

The Career Academy is our premier professional development membership program. Until recently, you had to be a monthly or annual subscriber to attend training sessions included in the Career Academy.

But now, the following training sessions are available as one-time purchases. Just click through to view more details about the session and how it works.

Each session includes: Webinar

  • 60 minute video training (recorded from a live webinar)
  • PDF download of PowerPoint slides
  • MP3 audio-only download
  • PDF download of the Action + Implementation worksheet for the session
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Various bonus materials such as recommended reading lists, articles, and more

Reignite Your Professional Passion: How to Experience More Satisfaction at Work EVERY Day

You’re feeling bored, demotivated, just kind of blah…. You need to get your workday mojo back pronto! Learn simple tools to find and keep your enthusiasm at work—even during challenging times. The strategies explored in this session will give you a framework for staying at the top of your game, both personal and professionally, by proactively fighting the “workplace blues”. (And don’t worry…it’s not the same old techniques you’ve heard a hundred times!)

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How to Create Strong Relationships with Workplace Superiors

Boss, manager, supervisor, head-honcho. Whatever you call them, superiors in the workplace can be daunting and developing strong relationships with them tricky. Regardless of your level of experience, strengthening partnerships with workplace higher-ups will have a lasting positive impact on your career. Whether you struggle with intimidation, questions of etiquette or a simple lack of confidence, this training session will address your concerns and provide real-world strategies to help you feel comfortable working with business leaders at all levels.

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How to Manage (and Listen to) Your Emotions in the Workplace

They say emotions have no place at work. But really, that’s over-simplifying the reality. We’re human beings, after all; not robots. We’re naturally emotional creatures. We have to learn to manage our emotions in situations where they aren’t useful. However, emotions are often sending us important messages, so we don’t want to simply disregard them. We must learn to listen to our emotions, interpret their meaning, and act appropriately. This session will provide valuable insight that can be used personally and professionally to help improve relationships, make smarter decisions, and create a more emotionally stable environment.

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How to Voice Your Ideas & Opinions at Work (So They’re Really Heard!)

You’ve got a mind of your own, right? You’re creative, smart and you certainly know a thing or two about the business you’re in. So why not share all your great ideas and opinions in the workplace? Well, as most people know, it can be a little intimidating. What if people don’t like what you have to say? What if they just ignore you? What if—gasp!—sharing your thoughts actually hurts your career? It happens every day, and that’s why so many of us choose to keep our heads down and stay silent. After this session, you’ll rethink that strategy and learn exactly how to speak up in the workplace (and more importantly, BE HEARD!).

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Raises, Promotions & Other Crucial Career Conversations: How to Prepare & Get What You Want

You’re ready to take your career to the next level. But starting that conversation can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not quite sure what to expect. Don’t “wing it” and just hope for the best. Take control of your professional future by knowing how and when to initiate crucial conversations–and how to create the best outcomes so you get what you want, need and deserve in the workplace.

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Developing Sound Judgment & Decision-Making Skills: How to Make Yourself a More Reliable, Responsible, Trustworthy and VALUABLE Professional

Every day, you have to make decisions in the workplace. Some happen in the blink of an eye; others require prolonged deliberation. In either case, when questioned about why you made a certain decision, you have to support your reasoning. If you don’t have naturally good judgment, you can end up making bad choices—the kinds of decisions that lead to regret, embarrassment and sometimes, much worse. Developing sound judgment and decision-making skills will make you a more reliable, responsible, trustworthy and valuable professional.

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