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Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit (e-guide)

Are Your Resume & Cover Letter Getting Lost in the
Application “Black Hole”?

Here’s Everything You Need to Get Out of It Once and For All

 I’m about to reveal all the insider SECRETS of professional resume and cover letter writers so you can create your own winning career documents at a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert!

But first, let’s go over the basics.

You know your documents are getting sucked into the “black hole” if you’ve sent out dozens (or even hundreds!) of resumes and only received a handful of interview requests.

Let’s get one thing straight…

Your resume and cover letter have one job: To open the door and get you to the interview.
If that’s not happening, something is wrong.

In order to get noticed and get the interview, your resume and cover letter need to…

  • Get through the computerized roadblocks within the hiring software used by nearly ALL large corporations and over half of mid-size companies.
  • Make an IMMEDIATE positive impression—Recruiters only look at your resume for about 6 seconds before making a decision to pass it along or toss it aside.
  • Demonstrate that you meet all the REQUIRED qualifications for the role (or show AT A GLANCE that you have exceptional circumstances that compensate for any missing qualifications.)
  • Create a distinction between you and the hundreds of other candidates with similar qualifications.
  • Inspire POSITIVE curiosity so the hiring manager is compelled to invite you in for an interview right away.

Looking at this list, how do you think your cover letter and resume stack up at this point?

What if I could guarantee that—with just a few simple tweaks—your documents could do all of these things? And as a result, YOU would get more interview requests than you can handle?

Well, I can. The Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide will show you how.

What Makes Me an Authority on Resume Writing?

With years of experience as a certified career coach under my belt—and a proven record of success with my clients—I know how to create resumes and cover letters that get attention and get results.

I also understand the sophisticated recruitment technology prospective employers are using, and my strategies are specifically designed with that in mind.

Here’s what just a few of my clients have had to say about my resume writing expertise:

“Looking at my new resume, I was so impressed…with Chrissy and also with myself! I’ve never felt proud of my work history before. But Chrissy turned my experience into something that made me say, ‘Wow.’ I’m already getting interviews and it’s been less than 2 weeks. Seriously!!”
M. Spencer, Castle Rock, CO

“I didn’t recognize myself! I kept saying to my husband, ‘Are you sure this is me?’ But yep, it is me. Man, have I undersold myself.”
P. Camilli, Wodburn, MA

“This is beyond awesome! I sent my new resumes out and have gotten 2 responses in the last 24 hours.”
Lori B. Greenwood, MO

resumeandcoverlettertoolkit-croppedIn the Resume & Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide, I’ll show you how to…

  • Use “proven capabilities” to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers FAST!
  • Demonstrate your unique brand quickly, so you’ll stand out even in a sea of competition.
  • Use keywords to ensure your resume isn’t lost in the application “black hole”.
  • How to make your documents easy-to-read and eye-catching using simple formatting techniques.
  • How to use “Achievement Statements” to position yourself as the solution to your potential employers’ problems.
  • How to write a cover letter that makes a personal connection with the reader and tells your unique story of professional passion.

Your application WILL get past the pre-screening process and into the hands of a real person…if you follow my proven step-by-step system.

Even better—your resume and cover letter will land you the interview. It will demonstrate the best of your capability while cleverly sidestepping any potential red flags for potential employers.

My Promise to YouSatisfaction-Guranteed

With the Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide, you’ll shine brighter than the competition and you WILL get the interview invitation.

From there, the job is yours to win or lose.

It’s a big promise, I know. But that’s the power of incredibly strong resumes and cover letters. And it’s my personal guarantee to you. If you implement all of these strategies, you will see results.

Your resume and cover letter create the first impression a potential employer has of you. Don’t let it also be the last! Why settle for mediocre or average documents that don’t create the results you need? Use the strategies contained in the Resume & Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide and you’ll see an immediate difference: More interest, more phone calls, more interviews.

In addition to all of the tools, secrets and techniques I’ve included in this toolkit to help you craft a WINNING resume and cover letter, you’ll also get…

  • A handy A-Z Action Verb list to help stimulate your writing mojo.
  • A comprehensive Resource List chock full of everything from writing advice to resume builders plus insider tips and much more!
  • Resume and cover letter samples to get you inspired.

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