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Life Less Frazzled (e-workbook)

This One-of-a-Kind 80-Page Electronic e-Workbook (PDF) Includes:

  • 100+ exercises, powerful questions, tools, templates and resources.
  • Fully customizable and self-paced.
  • Comprehensive, interactive, and easy-to-use.
  • No fluff. Nothing unnecessary. Only strategies and REAL RESULTS.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on spa days, candles, books, workshops, training sessions. Instead, buy one product that teaches you the right methods that will work for your unique situation.
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You Look Frazzled. Take a Seat. Let’s Talk…

I know how you’re feeling. I’ve been there.

At work, you’re just not living up to your professional potential. At home, you’re not giving your friends and family the love and support they deserve. When you’re alone, you can’t seem to relax and simply enjoy life. You’re not living your BEST life.

Why? You’re stressed.

“Frazzled” sounds so sweet and innocent, doesn’t it? But let’s be honest here: “Frazzled” is just a cute word masking an ugly truth. Stress is what’s causing your short temper, your lack of focus, your frustration with everyday people and things. And, whether you realize it or not, this stress is almost certainly harming your personal and professional life.

To help illustrate what we’re talking about here, my wonderfully talented friend, John Williams, created this awesome video. Take a look.

(Go on, it’ll take less than two minutes!).

Stress & Your Career

So, why is a career coach talking about stress? The simple answer is that I’ve seen stress ruin careers over and over again. It almost ruined mine. When you’re frazzled or stressed out (you pick the word, it’s all the same) your emotions become fragile. You feel worthless, distracted, angry, and overwhelmed. These things hamper decision-making and judgment, they strain relationships and ultimately, your work suffers. If you don’t have the tools to manage your stress effectively, your career growth can—and will—suffer.

Stress Impacts Everything

But the problems caused by stress go far beyond your career. They literally impact every aspect of life. Personal relationships suffer, self-esteem plummets, and medical research shows that prolonged unmanaged stress even causes severe medical problems and disease. Stress isn’t something you can simply ignore.

The Truth About Stress Management

Stress isn’t always bad; a little bit goes a long way. It gives us motivation to get things done and pushes us to expand our comfort zone. But, when you’re feeling frazzled, it’s has gone too far. And, in our modern world, this point is reached before we have time to even realize what’s going on.

There is good news though. If you’re even reading this, you’ve already made the realization that your stress has reached a point where you need some help. You realize that it’s time to start managing your stress so it stops managing you. And you’ve come to the right place.

Now, here’s the truth: Stress is one of the most difficult feelings to manage because it’s just so darn natural. It’s a survival instinct and, no matter how hard you try, it won’t ever go away.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. But it doesn’t have to RULE your life.

The key is to change your relationship to stress.

Minimizing stress—and learning to manage it—is a lifelong process. It’s something that requires serious effort though. I spent years developing strategies for managing my own stress and today, I train professionals around the country to do the same thing.

Why Me?

Why am I the right person to guide you on this stress management journey? Well, several years ago, I was experiencing so much stress at work, it was literally killing me. It was ruining my personal life and causing tremendous pain for my loved ones. My career was suffering along with everything else in my life. Then I hit my breaking point. I made a commitment to get healthy and learn, once and for all, how to make stress manageable.

Now, I help others get stress under control before they reach that breaking point. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. You don’t have to. Take the necessary steps NOW to put stress in its place.

Life Less Frazzled is the perfect tool to help you in your journey.

This One-of-a-Kind Electronic e-Workbook has over 80 pages packed full of information and ideas.

  • Simple strategies you can put in place TODAY and experience immediate results
  • 100+ exercises, tools and thought-provoking questions to help stimulate life-changing insights and REAL long-term results
  • 100+ resources to help make the lifelong process of stress management easier and more successful
  • Quizzes, self-assessments, personal reflection questions, recommendations, step-by-step guides, exercises, worksheets, templates, schedules, and more!

This e-workbook will help you to:

  • Identify and break negative patterns associated with stress
  • Understand the impacts of stress on your life and the key triggers that cause it
  • Recognize the internal and external factors that play a role in your stress (and how to manage them appropriately)
  • Understand how stress is impacting your relationships and make strides towards repairing the damage
  • Learn simple, everyday routines to help minimize and prevent stress
  • Learn simple, everyday routines to help manage stress when it inevitably appears
  • And so much more!

Most importantly, this workbook will help you life a better, happier, healthier life. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? That’s how much stress harms you. Learning to manage your stress will change everything.

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BEST DEAL: Get this and 9 additional bestselling professional development products for one low price. You’ll save money and skyrocket your success with the Ultimate Career Success Combo Kit.

After completing the exercises in the Life Less Frazzled e-Workbook, here are just a few of the RESULTS my clients have experienced:

  • Better sleep.
  • More capability to handle the ups and downs of life.
  • Improved relationships.
  • More self-confidence.
  • Less frustration.
  • Greater peace of mind.
  • Greater sense of joy.
  • Better understanding of what causes stress.
  • Better ability to prevent stress.
  • Better ability to cope with stress when it happens.

How Much Is Stress Currently Costing You?

If you could live up to your full potential at work, how much would that impact you financially?

What are you currently spending on habits or hobbies that are truly simply stress relievers?

Do you drink? Do you smoke?

Do you eat out because you’re too stressed to think about cooking at home?

Do you cope with stress by spending money on shoes, handbags, jewelry, technology, etc?

What financial impact is stress currently having on your life?

Now, consider the cost of this workbook. Is that really an excuse for putting this off?

What People Are Saying…

“This workbook has helped me analyze my stress verses being overcome by my stress. I have been able to view each stressor as an individual item, rather than as an overwhelming theme in my life. As soon as I learned to break apart my stress, it seemed like rain drops; whereas before, it felt like a monsoon.”
–Katy F.

“After working through the exercises in the book, I now have more awareness around my stress levels. The self-assessment area specifically was great to identify where I’m at personally.”
–Andrea S.

“I liked that it was divided into sections and I could evaluate one area of my life at once. It helped me evaluate where my greatest stress was and to focus on that area, and it gave me great ideas on how to reduce the stress.”
–Sheryl W.

Purchase Price: $27.00

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This e-workbook is for you ONLY if:

  • You are a proactive, motivated individual ready to take control of your stress
  • You are fed up with letting stress rule your emotions and you’re willing to invest the time and energy it takes to make serious lifelong improvements.

Life Less Frazzled is not a replacement for professional therapy or medical assistance. If you are experiencing severe stress, anxiety, depression or any other physical, mental or emotional issue, please seek the support of a medical adviser.