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  • Are you sick of feeling underappreciated and undervalued in the workplace?
  • Have you been passed over for a promotion recently?
  • Do you ever feel like your co-workers are advancing faster than you are, but you don’t know why?
  • Are your skills ignored, underutilized or minimized in the workplace?

And most importantly…

  • Are you ready to finally take control of your career and earn the fulfillment, advancement, recognition and rewards you truly deserve?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

And you’re not alone! We all want career success. But figuring out how to get from “here” to “there” can feel almost impossible.

No one gives you an instruction manual when you enter the workforce. They don’t teach you in school how to talk to your boss, ask for a raise, collaborate with co-workers, or voice your ideas in the workplace. Most people have to learn these things through trial and error and that means making painful, embarrassing mistakes along the way.

That’s why they end up feeling stagnant and unsatisfied, and why they don’t advance “up the career ladder” as quickly as they had hoped.

What if you could learn these kinds of professional skills, along with the most up-to-date career management techniques, without ever leaving your desk?

Thanks to the Career Academy

Career Growth AheadThe Career Academy is a one-of-a-kind career “school” that teaches you everything you need to know to finally get ahead and achieve the career success you deserve.

  • What if you could get high quality professional development training without spending a fortune?
  • What if you had access to convenient training that worked around YOUR schedule?
  • What if an in-demand, highly experienced training professional created brand new programs each and every month, specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s career-minded professional—and YOU had a ticket to attend each one?

That’s what you get as a member of the Career Academy.

Imagine FINALLY….

  • Getting that promotion you’ve always wanted.
  • Securing that raise you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Landing than new job you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Feeling like a valued member of the team.
  • Advancing in your chosen field quickly and easily.
  • Feeling empowered to create the professional future you want.
  • Earning the respect, appreciation and recognition you deserve.

Expand Your Professional Skills & Take Your Career To New Heights

If you want to get ahead in today’s workplace, you have to keep your skills razor sharp. The Career Academy gives you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Icon - Exclamation Point“YES! I’m ready to elevate my professional skills, achieve my career goals and find more satisfaction at work.”

High-Quality Content + Exceptional Value + Extraordinary Results 

All Career Academy trainings are specifically designed to meet continuing education requirements for a variety of professions and fields.

Note: Our webinars have always been approved by the IAAP for continued education points in the past, but there is no guarantee for the future. The decision is made solely at the IAAP’s discretion.

Badge Icon - Burst OrangeThe Best in the Business

Chrissy’s training sessions have been presented for businesses around the world, many of which have charged attendees $100 to $250 per seat! She is praised as offering “the most comprehensive, well-organized training sessions available online.” All sessions meet standard requirements for continued education points and employer reimbursement. Of course, points and reimbursement are awarded based on the discretion of your association and/or employer.

“Chrissy’s approach is like talking with an old friend. Her common sense delivery is spot on. Star performance presentation!”
–Linda Spitzer, APW event attendee, Eastman Chemical, 2011

Next Event: October 2014

Ethics & Integrity in the Workplace: Exploring Critical Concepts, Concerns and Dilemmas

While the law describes an individual’s rights and the necessary conditions that must be met to avoid punishment, ethics and integrity describe the moral choices that individuals make—even when “punishment” isn’t necessarily an immediate threat. Legal issues are often black and white, but ethical ones leave many shades of grey to ponder. In the workplace, these ethical quandaries (when not handled appropriately) can have a devastating impact on your career.

Learning Highlights:

  • Why ethics and integrity are an essential part of success for you as a professional and for your company as a whole.
  • Understanding the consequences of ethical lapses in the workplace.
  • Examples of “hidden” ethical failures you may be unintentionally falling victim to.
  • How to address ethical dilemmas if and when they arise.
  • How and when to address ethical concerns about other employees.
  • Specific workplace behaviors every employee should embrace to help create a culture of ethics and integrity.

What You Get in the Career Academy

Icon - Check MarkAttendance to the Live Monthly Webinar Training Session

Each month, the Career Academy hosts 1 live webinar training session on a professional development topic of interest. The sessions include 60 minutes of training and a 10 minute Q&A. Icon - Video

Icon - Check MarkPDF of Slides

Each training session comes with a PDF of the slides for taking notes and future reference. Print it or download and save in your career success library.

Icon - Check MarkAccess to Video Recording of Webinar

Can’t make it to the live session? No problem. You’ll get access to the video recording to watch as many times as you’d like online for up to 90 days.

Icon - Check MarkAudio-Only Recording for Download

Save the audio portion to your ipod or computer and listen later whenever you’d like. It’s yours to keep! Icon - Audio

Icon - Check MarkAction and Implementation Worksheet

This downloadable document will help solidify learning and ensure you take action. It’s yours to keep for future reference so add it to your career success library.

Icon - Check MarkCertificate of Attendance

You can opt to receive a Certificate of Attendance for each webinar you attend live or watch on-demand. Use it to claim continuing education points or get reimbursement from your employer (or just add it to your professional portfolio!)

Icon - Check MarkExclusive “Members Only” Discounts on Products and Services

Career Academy members will get an exclusive monthly discount on one product or service available through Eat Your Career.


Icon - Check MarkImmediate Access To Past Training Resources

As soon as you become a member you’ll also get access to the previous 3 months of videos, audio downloads, worksheets and slides.

Past 4 Sessions

  • (August 2014) Mastering Technology in the Workplace: How to Adapt & Use Tech Resources without Losing Your Mind
  • (July 2014) Developing Emotional Intelligence: How to Strengthen Relationships & Improve Workplace Performance by Mastering the Internal Landscape
  • (June 2014) Managing Electronic Files: Simple Strategies for Organizing Computer Records
  • (May 2014) Everyday Leadership: How to Be a Leader Regardless of Title (and Why It Matters)

“Chrissy is an AMAZING speaker. The hour and a half we spent with her seemed like 20 minutes. She is very engaged with her audience and kept our attention the entire time.”
–Attendee, Office Dynamics Annual Administrative Excellence Conference, 2011

Monthly Membership

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If you have more than 5 people in the same location at your organization who would like to participate, please email me directly for purchase (PRIOR TO PURCHASE). You may be eligible for a discount. (Please include phone number and the number of people participating.)

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1. Guide to Goal Setting and GettingGuidetoGoalSetting_Spiral-cropped
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A digital workbook full of tips, tricks, tools and templates for setting and achieving goals in all areas of life.

2. Personal Branding for Professional SuccessPersonalBrandingWorkbook_Spiral-cropped
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A workbook and training guide designed to help you express and demonstrate your unique value in the workplace.

Monthly Membership
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*This is a recurring cost that is automatically charged every month.


You may cancel your monthly membership at any time by sending an email to [email protected] and indicating you wish to cancel. PLEASE ALLOW 10 BUSINESS DAYS. If your automatic payment will be pulled within 10 business days from the day you send your cancellation email, assume that month’s payment will be pulled and you will have another month as a member in the Academy. No refunds will be issued for late cancellation notices.

Career Academy Topic List

Download the entire list of 2014 training sessions and descriptions!
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What People Are Saying About Chrissy’s Training Sessions…

“Chrissy has a unique ability to inspire, engage and motivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She provides quality information and fresh ideas in an entertaining, fast-paced format. I never hesitate to attend a presentation offered by Chrissy because I know the time will be well-spent…”
–VP Marketing & Public Relations, ILD Communications

“Chrissy has proven herself a woman of rare insight, able to put across a powerful message in a captivating way. She has the unique ability to craft her message to be easily understood, while making it a fun, interesting, and memorable experience.”
–Event Coordinator, Business Apparel Drive

“Chrissy was AMAZING! She new how to draw the crowds’ attention and keep it. She was so entertaining. I loved her stories and her energy. The information I got from is something I can use on the job every day.”
–Attendee, Office Dynamics Annual Administrative Excellence Conference, 2011

“Chrissy was very informative and very enjoyable to listen to. Really enjoyed the seminar and look forward to hearing her again.”
–Kristy Overbey, APW event attendee, Eastman Chemical, 2011

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYou Have My Personal Guarantee

I know you have a lot of options for professional development training. I know that, when you invest in being a member of the Career Academy, you’re putting your trust in me. If, at any time, you feel you aren’t receiving the value expected, I promise to make it right. All you have to do is email or call and it will be taken care of immediately–whether that means a refund, an exchange or any other form of remuneration. –Chrissy Scivicque


Future Event: November 2014

Networking Naturally: How to Comfortably Create Rapport & Build Authentic Professional Relationships

Few professionals simply enjoy networking. For most, it’s a purposeful activity that helps them achieve specific career goals. It can feel awkward and unnatural, but the task itself is unavoidable.

After attending this session, you’ll never look at networking the same. For the rest of your career, you’ll have tools and strategies to make the process more enjoyable and productive.

Learning Highlights:

  • Why networking is an essential activity throughout your career (not just when you need something…like a new job!).
  • How to create authentic relationships, not just surface level acquaintanceships.
  • Strategies to ease your nerves, break the ice, and attract the right people to you.
  • Tips for networking at non-traditional “networking” events.
  • How to get what you want and leverage relationships without taking advantage of others.
  • How (and when) to follow up without appearing pushy or needy.
  • How online networking differs from in-person and when to use it.