If you’re struggling with a specific career or workplace issue, and you just need a little help getting it solved once and for all, a quick fire CAREER BREAKTHROUGH session is the answer you’ve been looking for.

During our time together, you’ll get:

  • Focused Attention

    One-on-one attention focused solely on YOUR challenges and resolving them FAST.

  • Powerful Coaching

    Personalized coaching to help you tap into your own innate wisdom, make smart decisions and create an action strategy to move forward.

  • Strategic Guidance

    Straightforward advice and insight from an established, recognized expert.

  • Anwers to your biggest career challenges

    Answers to your career advancement, professional development and workplace performance questions.

  • A New Perspective

    A new point-of-view regarding your situation from an unbiased outsider who can see hidden opportunities and solutions.

And you’ll leave feeling excited, encouraged, and empowered. That’s a guarantee.

Together, we can make serious progress in overcoming ANY career or workplace challenge you’re currently facing. For example:

  • Address conflicts you’re having with co-workers, superiors or subordinates.
  • Get help preparing for crucial career conversations like asking for a raise or discussing a promotion to ensure you get what you really want.
  • Upgrade professional skills like delegating, saying “no,” setting boundaries, managing time or stress, communicating, networking, and managing mindset/attitude.
  • Identify specific things that aren’t working in your career and find ways to resolve them.
  • Boost motivation and find greater career satisfaction on a daily basis.
  • Tactically approach the process of visualizing the next step in your professional journey and how to get there.
  • Define specific career goals and establish an appropriate timeline for achieving them.
  • Develop a foolproof plan for job searching or interviewing.
  • How it works

    All quick fire sessions are 60-minutes long and take place via phone. Our conversation will be recorded for your convenience; so don’t worry about taking notes during the session. You will receive an MP3 of the recorded call to listen to again and again.

  • Limitations

    Because the quick fire sessions are designed to address specific, current, “one-off” career challenges, individuals are limited to only one per month maximum. If your situation requires more frequent, in-depth coaching, we’ll move you into a regular coaching package.

Quick Fire Session
$297.00 USD

Includes 60-minute coaching session via phone

Includes MP3 recording of the call