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This page includes TONS of my favorite resources for managing and growing your career, finding fulfillment, and expanding your professional capabilities. I personally stand behind each product.

*Please note that most (but not all) items on this page contain affiliate codes, which means I receive a small commission (very small) should you purchase the product. This in no way has influenced my recommendations.

Free Stuff from Yours Truly

Eat Your Career Products
(Originals by Chrissy Scivicque)

Reinvent Your Career Coaching Program

Discover what career fulfillment means to you and why it’s so important, establish career goals that are right for YOU, make smart decisions and take meaningful action. Everything you need to create your own customized career reinvention is right here.


Life Less Frazzled: An Interactive Guide to Beat Stress Before It Beats You

Make the process of stress management easier and more successful with this fun e-workbook designed to stimulate lifelong change as well as immediate results.

Time Management Magic: An Interactive Guide to Boost Productivity

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on workshops, training sessions and organizational do-dads. Instead, get one workbook that teaches you the best methods for your unique situation.

Personal Branding for Professional Success

Feel more confident and more capable of expressing your unique value to prospective employers, clients and anyone else with whom you associate.

E-Books, E-Courses & Audio Programs
(Endorsed By Me, Not Made By Me)

Work Consciously Audio Course by Christopher Edgar

Find focus, motivation and peace in your work with more than three hours of perspectives, exercises, and guided meditations all in the gentle, engaging voice of Chris Edgar.

Unconventional Guides by Chris Guillebeau

Do more of what you’re most excited about with the help of these beautifully designed, inspiring and information-packed e-books.

Empire Building Kit

Build a meaningful lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day (so there’s no overwhelm!)

Art + Money

Thrive as an artist without “selling out,” using new media, role models and good old-fashioned hard work.

Break Out of 9 to 5: Create Your Own Freedom

Create personal freedom through a very small business. Learn how to avoid mistakes, make money and finally experience career satisfaction.

Fear to Fuel by Karl Staib and Nathan Hangen

Smash your fear into pieces and use it to propel you forward towards achieving what you really want in this world.

The Dojo: A Guide to Doing What Matters by Charlie Gilkey and Jonathan Mead

What if one small shift could make you five times as productive this week? What if you could do that without having to learn anything, using all the resources you already have?

Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead

Create the life you want. Reclaim your personal power. Find the freedom to live on your own terms and stop asking for permission.

The Job Seeker’s Guide to Social Media by Joshua Waldman

Use new technology (available for free on the Internet) to BEAT the economy, stand out from the crowd, get unsolicited job offers and cut your job-search time in half.

The Remarkable Online Profile Kit by Carol Ross and Walter Akana

Build a remarkable online profile with this comprehensive, step-by-step kit that walks you through the process of telling an authentic, compelling story online so you can ultimately get real results.

My Favorite Books on My Favorite Topics

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Career Path & Job Seeking

Professional Development