• Is your resume getting lost in the application "black hole"?

  • Are you sending resumes but failing to land interviews?

  • Are your resume and cover letter getting lost in the enormous job-searching crowd?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, you need the Resume & Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide.


Resume & Cover Letter Basics

Your resume and cover letter have one job: To open the door and get you to the interview.
If that’s not happening, something is wrong.

In order to get noticed and get the interview, your resume and cover letter need to…

  • Be Written for Computers & Humans

    Get through the computerized roadblocks within the hiring software used by nearly ALL large corporations and over half of mid-size companies.

  • Make an IMMEDIATE positive impression

    Recruiters and Hiring Managers only look at your resume for about 6 seconds before making a decision to pass it along or toss it aside.

  • Demonstrate Your Qualifications

    You need to show that you possess all the minimum required qualifications for the role.

  • Stand Out

    Create a distinction between you and the hundreds of other candidates with similar qualifications.

  • Inspire Positive Curiosity

    Compel them to invite you in for an interview right away.

Looking at this list, how do you think your current cover letter and resume measure up?

What if just a few simple tweaks could help your documents do all of these things? And, as a result, YOU could get more interview requests than you can handle?

The Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide will show you exactly how to do this.


In the Resume & Cover Letter Toolkit You Will Learn How To...

  • Focus on Results

    Use “proven capabilities” to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers FAST!

  • Brand Yourself

    Demonstrate your unique brand quickly, so you’ll stand out even in a sea of competition.

  • Use Keywords

    The essential tool that ensures your resume isn’t lost in the application “black hole”.

My Promise To You

With the Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide, you’ll shine brighter than the competition and you WILL get the interview invitation.

From there, the job is yours to win or lose.

It’s a big promise. But that’s the power of incredibly strong resumes and cover letters. And it’s my personal guarantee to you. If you implement all of these strategies, you will see results.

Your resume and cover letter create the first impression a potential employer has of you. Don’t let it also be the last! Why settle for mediocre or average documents that don’t create the results you need? Use the strategies contained in the Resume & Cover Letter Toolkit e-guide and you’ll see an immediate difference: More interest, more phone calls, more interviews.

In addition to all of the tools, secrets and techniques included in this toolkit to help you craft a WINNING resume and cover letter, you’ll also get…

  • A-Z Action Verb List

    A handy A-Z Action Verb list to help stimulate your writing mojo.

  • Resource List

    A comprehensive Resource List chock full of everything from writing advice to resume builders plus insider tips and much more!

  • Sample Documents

    Resume and cover letter samples to get you inspired.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy instant access today!

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