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Cover Letters

Don’t Let Your Cover Letter Kill Your Chances of Getting the Job

A professionally written cover letter is the difference between landing the interview and ending up in the application “black hole.”

These days, nearly all job postings will ask for a cover letter. Even if it’s not directly required, it’s always a helpful addition…IF it’s done well.

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  • How well does your cover letter reflect your personal brand?
  • Does it help spark interest and demonstrate a high level of communication skill?
  • Is it easily tailored to each position for which you apply?
  • Does it share your professional “story” in a way that’s compelling and unique?

If the answer is “no,” our professional cover letter writing services will help.

If your cover letter isn’t well crafted, impeccably organized and 100% error-free, you’ll be rejected—no matter how “perfect” you are for the position.

76% of employers have automatically eliminated an employment candidate from hiring consideration based solely on the quality of his or her cover letter alone.
— Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Too many people overlook the importance of their cover letter. They “wing” it. Or, they create the most boring, generic letter you’ve ever read.

The people reading these things HATE boring and generic. They can tell if you threw your letter together in a matter of minutes. And they can find a typo in seconds flat. All of these things will cause them to toss your application in the trash.

86% of the hiring managers stated that they would reject an applicant based on a typographical or grammatical error.

Let us help you stand out as an extraordinary candidate. We’ll help you get the interview. After that, it’s up to you.

After working with us, your cover letter will be:

Compelling & Branded to YOU: You have a unique story to tell and, with our help, your cover letter will do it in an attention-grabbing but professional way. Plus, we’ll give you simple strategies to help you make small, impactful revisions for each position for which you apply.

Expertly Written: Chrissy Scivicque, the founder and CEO of Eat Your Career, has over 10 years working as a professional copywriter and copyeditor (she’s also a certified copyeditor). Your document will be 100% error-free, guaranteed. Chrissy is known for creating compelling, action-oriented copy. Let us put this experience to work for you and your career.

In a recent survey, one-third of the hiring managers polled said that they would not even consider an application that didn’t include a cover letter.

If you’re ready to really up your job search game, it’s time to invest in a smart, savvy, professional cover letter. The good news is, our work together is very affordable.

Option 1

Icon - Check MarkDone For You: Complete Cover Letter Creation

The easiest, fastest way to get it done professionally!

  • One-on-one consult (phone or in-person for Denver locals)
  • Complete well-crafted professional cover letter (MS Word format)
  • One round of revisions


Option 2

Icon - Check MarkDo It Yourself: Cover Letter Critique

Everything you need to know…all you have to do is implement!

  • One-on-one consult (phone or in-person for Denver locals)
  • MP3 recording of consult for future reference
  • Comprehensive, specific and customized recommendations regarding formatting, organization, writing, keywords, etc.