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Quick Fire “Career Breakthrough” Sessions

Get the results you want in the time you have with a fast, focused, affordable one-on-one coaching session.

If you’re struggling with a specific career or workplace issue, and you just need a little help getting it solved once and for all, a quick fire CAREER BREAKTHROUGH session is the answer you’ve been looking for.

During our time together, you’ll get:

  • One-on-one attention focused solely on YOUR challenges and resolving them FAST.
  • Personalized coaching to help you tap into your own innate wisdom, make smart decisions and create an action strategy to move forward.
  • Straightforward advice, powerful insight and strategic guidance from an established, recognized expert.
  • Answers to your career advancement, professional development and workplace performance questions.
  • A new perspective on your situation from an unbiased outsider who can see hidden opportunities and solutions.

And you’ll leave feeling excited, encouraged, and empowered. That’s a guarantee.

Together, we can make serious progress in overcoming ANY career or workplace challenge you’re currently facing. For example:

  • Address conflicts you’re having with co-workers, superiors or subordinates.
  • Get help preparing for crucial career conversations like asking for a raise or discussing a promotion to ensure you get what you really want.
  • Upgrade professional skills like delegating, saying “no,” setting boundaries, managing time or stress, communicating, networking, and managing mindset/attitude.
  • Identify specific things that aren’t working in your career and find ways to resolve them.
  • Boost motivation and find greater career satisfaction on a daily basis.
  • Tactically approach the process of visualizing the next step in your professional journey and how to get there.
  • Define specific career goals and establish an appropriate timeline for achieving them.
  • Develop a foolproof plan for job searching or interviewing.

How It Works

All quick fire sessions are 60-minutes long and take place via phone. Our conversation will be recorded for your convenience; so don’t worry about taking notes during the session. You will receive an MP3 of the recorded call to listen to again and again.

Because the quick fire sessions are designed to address specific, current, “one-off” career challenges, individuals are limited to only one per month maximum. If your situation requires more frequent, in-depth coaching, we’ll move you into a regular coaching package.

Sorry, Quick Fire sessions are currently unavailable.