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Resumes & Cover Letters

If You Don’t Know the Secrets of Professional Resume Writing, You’re Losing the Job Without Ever Having a Real Shot

Get your application past the computer pre-screening system and in front of a real human being with a keyword-rich, expertly written, attention-grabbing resume and cover letter.

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  • Are you returning to work after a period of unemployment?
  • Have you been fired or laid off? Are you afraid that’s in your future?
  • Do you have a varied or unusual employment history? (Are you a job-hopper??)
  • Are you struggling to get your resume noticed, submitting tons of applications without a call back?

According to a recent survey from, recruiters state that professionally re-written resumes show 60% improvement on average in clarity, organization and relevancy.

There are dozens of things that can create “red flags” for prospective employers when reviewing your resume. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could unintentionally LOSE the job before you ever even get a shot at it.

To make matters worse, these days, prospective employers are sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for every job posting. Even people with great backgrounds and employment histories have a hard time getting their resumes seen.

And, to top it all off, if your resume DOES happen to be seen, you only have SECONDS to make a great first impression with it.

How well does your resume currently represent you? Do you know the secrets of professional resume writing…or are you just “winging it”?

“Looking at my new resume, I was so impressed…with Chrissy and also with myself! I’ve never felt proud of my work history before. But Chrissy turned my experience into something that made me say, ‘Wow.’ I’m already getting interviews and it’s been less than 2 weeks. Seriously!!”
M. Spencer, Castle Rock, CO

Let’s get real. Your resume is one of the most important documents of your career…maybe even your life. It’s the thing that sets you apart from the competition. It’s an essential part of “getting your foot in the door” for any job.

People who are willing to invest a little time, energy, and money into creating a professional, extraordinary resume WILL experience the benefits. They get the phone calls. They get the interviews. They get the jobs. It’s that simple.

A lot of people try to do it on their own. They waste hours and hours on it. They ask their friends and family to review it. And ya know what happens? They end up with typos. They create generic, boring, run-of-the-mill resumes. They fall into the typical resume “red flag” traps, and their resumes end up looking like everyone else’s (or worse!).

These resumes end up at the bottom of that enormous pile…or in the trash.

  • You want your resume to be seen, right?
  • You don’t want a prospective employer to take one look at it and dismiss you off the bat, do you??
  • You want a phone call. You want an interview. You want to get hired. Right??

Then it’s time to take the process of resume and cover letter creation seriously. Let a professional help you.

According to a recent survey on, recruiters spend about 6 seconds on the initial “fit/no fit” decision.

If an amazing career opportunity fell in your lap tomorrow, would your resume be ready?

What if your current employer announces layoffs later this afternoon? Would you be prepared to launch your job search tonight?

Imagine reading an ad for your dream job in the paper tomorrow. Are you 100% confident your resume would land you the interview?

If your resume is anything less than AMAZING, you need some help. Your resume is the most important document in your career. Have you invested the resources required to make it shine?

Look, you wouldn’t do your own surgery, right? You’d hire an expert. Your resume is just as important! Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t put the responsibility on yourself. Don’t rely on your friends and family.

Do you—or your friends and family—know the secrets of professional resume writing? Do you know how keywords and recruitment software work? Do you have experience articulating demonstrated capability? Do you understand personal branding and how to use it in resume creation? Do you know how to creatively work around those unusual employment circumstances in your history without sending up red flags to potential employers?

If the answer is “no,” we can help.

Research shows that 80 percent of recruiters search resume databases (both internal and external) for job-specific and industry-specific keywords. So, without a keyword-rich resume, you’re virtually invisible to 80 percent of recruiters.

After working with us, your RESUME will be:

Icon - Check MarkKeyword Rich: Get your resume past the computer pre-screening system and into the hands of a human being. This is an absolutely essential component! Without it, you won’t even be considered for the position.

Icon - Check MarkOrganized: Regardless of your employment history or experience, your resume will be clear, clean, and concise. Let’s face it: If it’s not easy to read, it won’t get read. And you won’t get the interview.

Icon - Check MarkExpertly Written: Chrissy Scivicque, the founder and CEO of Eat Your Career, has over 10 years working as a professional copywriter and copyeditor (she’s also a certified copyeditor). Your document will be 100% error-free, guaranteed. Chrissy is known for creating compelling, action-oriented copy. Let us put this experience to work for you and your career.

Icon - Check MarkWell Formatted: Stop struggling with online templates and word documents. We offer custom professional designs with clean, elegant formatting to reflect your professionalism and personal brand.

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But ya know what? A fabulous resume isn’t enough.

In a recent survey, one-third of the hiring managers polled said that they would not even consider an application that didn’t include a cover letter.

That’s why ALL of our resume packages automatically include an expertly written cover letter as well.

Your new COVER LETTER will be:

Icon - Check MarkCompelling & Uniquely Branded: Too many people overlook the importance of their cover letter. They “wing” it. Or, they create the most boring, generic letter you’ve ever read. But everyone has a unique story to tell and, with our help, your cover letter will tell your story in an attention-grabbing but professional way.

76% of employers have automatically eliminated an employment candidate from hiring consideration based solely on the quality of his or her cover letter alone.
– Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

If you’re ready to stop struggling and start getting interviews, it’s time to invest in yourself and your future. The good news is, our work together is very affordable.

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Sorry, Resume & Cover Letter Services Are Currently Unavailable.

This is especially important for you if:

  • Your current employment is on shaky ground (potential layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, new management, etc.).
  • You’re looking to transition from one job to the next quickly.
  • You have resume “red flags” like gaps in employment history.
  • You have a varied professional background (you’re job-hopper!)
  • You have a limited professional background (you’ve been with one or two employers or in the same role for decades)
  • You haven’t updated your resume in years so you don’t know the latest trends.
  • Your current resume isn’t getting any interest (no interview requests!)
  • You want to take advantage of exciting career opportunities, but your resume is hiding under a pile of dust in a desk drawer.