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About Chrissy and

“Chrissy serves up a powerhouse combo platter — she’s a certified nutritionist AND an experienced career coach. She’s a clear communicator with a nourishing perspective on life, love and work — and all the snacks in between.”
–Alex Franzen, for the Crave Company

“I love Chrissy’s work. She’s wicked smart and crazily productive.”
–David Billings, aka Sparky Firepants (Illustrator for fun people)

“Chrissy, a career coach, is one of my favorite bloggers. Her posts are always concise, straight-to-the-point, and extremely relevant to me. My favorite topic of hers is a series she has on bad career advice. In this series, she takes common advice and clichés that we hear throughout our careers and breaks down why it’s a load of crap. I may not always agree with her, but she definitely gets her point across well.”
–Nikita T. Mitchell, Journeyful Life

“Chrissy, this site is phenomenal. Thank you for doing what you do so well. I’m spreading my love for this site to everyone I know. I discovered your site (can’t recall exactly how, sorry) at a very critical point in my life and I am oh so grateful. Catching up on all the old posts and looking forward to the new. Keep up the good work!”
–Christina K..

About Chrissy as a Presenter and Trainer:

“I want to thank Chrissy for being open and honest in her presentation. As a public speaker myself, I would only hope one day to do what she did in the room.”
–Norman H., Attendee APC Conference

“Chrissy has a unique ability to inspire, engage and motivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She provides quality information and fresh ideas in an entertaining, fast-paced format. I never hesitate to attend a presentation offered by Chrissy because I know the time will be well-spent, and the audience will walk away better informed. I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, well-rounded speaker.”
–VP Marketing & Public Relations, ILD Communications

“Chrissy has proven herself a woman of rare insight, able to put across a powerful message in a captivating way. She has the unique ability to craft her message to be easily understood, while making it a fun, interesting, and memorable experience.”
–Event Coordinator, Business Apparel Drive

“Wow! I learned a lot and had fun learning – a double plus!! Thank you for a very successful, educational meeting.”
–Membership Chair, IAAP Jacksonville Chapter

“Chrissy brought clarity and focus to a lot of the things about being an EA that I’ve experienced over many years, things I may have known about in a nebulous way but never really put into a solid thought. And the fact that She’s been there and knows the in’s and out’s of the job makes her uniquely qualified…She’s given me a boost of confidence!”
–Executive Assistant and Presentation Attendee

“Chrissy was an AMAZING speaker. The hour and a half we spent with her seemed like 20 minutes. She was very engaging and kept our attention the entire time.”
–Attendee, Office Dynamics Annual Administrative Excellence Conference, 2011

“Chrissy was AMAZING! She knew how to draw the crowds’ attention and keep it. She was so entertaining. I loved her stories and her energy. The information I got is something I can use on the job every day.”
–Attendee, Office Dynamics Annual Administrative Excellence Conference, 2011

“Chrissy’s approach was like talking with an old friend. Her common sense delivery was spot on. Loved the group exercises! Star performance presentation!”
–Linda Spitzer, APW event attendee, Eastman Chemical, 2011

“Chrissy has a way of demonstrating her up-to-date skills and brings something refreshing to her presentation. Great job!”
–Rhonda Strong, APW event coordinator, Eastman Chemical, 2011

“Chrissy was very informative and very enjoyable to listen to. Really enjoyed the seminar and look forward to hearing her again.”
–Kristy Overbey, APW event attendee, Eastman Chemical, 2011

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“I was stuck in a forest of maybe’s and what ifs regarding my bad career situation. Chrissy helped me find MY path and made sure I stayed on it.”
–M. Godbout, Montreal

“Working with Chrissy was a great experience, such a positive investment in myself and my future. She helped me sort through my doubts and fears, and open my eyes to the vast possibilities out there! Her patience, strategic planning, and thoughtful questions were all so encouraging in moving me forward along my career path.”
–Tanya C., San Francisco, CA

“Chrissy was really great at coaching me through my situation objectively. She kept me accountable and was also a great listener. Coaching was a very positive experience for me.  After my coaching sessions with Chrissy I really feel confident that I can make change happen.”
–Liz A. Teaneck, NJ

“Chrissy is respectfully challenging me and keeping me on track to meet my personal and professional goals.”
–Carlos B. Stockholm, Sweden

“Speaking with Chrissy was very motivational. She gave me some realistic feedback and was objective in her opinions…I think what motivated me most was how she supported my good ideas, scaled back some of my long-term ideas and helped me form a more specific plan.”
–Stoney W., Florida

“I was expecting a few suggestions for helping me figure out how to best present my work experience. Chrissy exceeded my expectations because she also provided resources and spoke to me in terms of ‘from here to there’. She listened to me and really gave thought to what I am looking to do and where I am now in this process.”
–Quiana M., Maryland

About Chrissy’s Resume and Cover Letter Services

“Chrissy, you are SOOO good. This is beyond awesome! I sent my new resumes and have gotten 2 responses in the last 24 hours.”
–Lori B., Greenwood, MO

About The Powerful Professional Relationships Program

Chrissy, you are a genuine and generous person, and your sincerity shines throughout your work.
–Heather Wilcox, attendee in the program

I enjoyed each week and came away with so many tips for both myself and to help communication between others. I am a people pleaser or “you focused”. You helped me to speak up and be more straightforward.
–Participant (anonymous), attendee in the program

“Chrissy, thank you for your relaxed, friendly and approachable webinars. Each webinar was full of insightful ways to improve my professional life. I appreciated your use of practical, real world examples to help build my understanding and you proved youself as a quality resource by providing great suggestions for further reading.”
— Stacy Olson, White Rock, BC Canada

About “How Nourishing Is Your Career?

“I printed it out, answered the questions and learned a ton. Thank you for opening my eyes! Keep up the excellent work you’re doing. I’m loving it!”
–Dawn S. Sacramento, CA

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About “Time Management Magic”

“I really loved the fact that it is interactive! Just writing my feelings about so many different aspects of life and work made me stop and think and organize my thoughts. It gave me the tools to start using my time productively! And it is easy like a game!!!”
–Laura S.

“I can already tell that your workbook will help to walk me through one step at a time and stay focused and on task. You have definitely created a workbook that will help visual learners and thinkers to work through the activities while staying on task!”
–Ann R.

“Applying myself to answer these questions and doing some of the assessments made me more aware of how much time I waste. It’s downright scary…Take a look at Chrissy Scivicque’s Time Management Magic and see how much time you waste; you will need to work through the rest of the book to recover from the shock.”
–Mireille Massue, Training Media Review

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About “Life Less Frazzled“…

“This workbook has helped me analyze my stress versus being overcome by my stress. I have been able to view each stressor as an individual item, rather than as an overwhelming theme in my life. As soon as I learned to break apart my stress, it seemed like rain drops; whereas before, it felt like a monsoon.”
–Katy F.

“After working through the exercises in the book, I now have more awareness around my stress levels. The self-assessment area specifically was great to identify where I’m at personally.”
–Andrea S.

“I liked that it was divided into sections and I could evaluate one area of my life at once. It helped me evaluate where my greatest stress was and to focus on that area, and it gave me great ideas on how to reduce the stress.”
–Sheryl W.

“…may help you regain a measure of control through self-awareness, concentrated action and yes, increase your productivity with minimal stress.”
–Mireille Massue, Training Media Review

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About “Personal Branding for Professional Success“…

“Chrissy Scivicque has taken a huge amount of information and made it easy to read…it’s also easy to use with plenty of questions and exercises to think out your own personal strategy.”
–Mireille Massue, Training Media Review

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About The Get Productive Now! Boot Camp Program

“I made a lot of positive changes in my routine as a result of your boot camp.”
–R. Williams, Littleton,CO

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About Resume Services

“All I have to say is WOW.  I did not recognized myself.  I kept saying to my husband, ‘Are you sure this is me?’  But yap, it is me.  Man, have I undersold myself. I am so happy with the job you have done.  It is stellar. You have boosted my confidence level because you have shown me my capabilities.”
–P. Camilli, Woburn, MA