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In my work as a career coach, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals develop a working career plan to help them go from where they are to where they want to be. Regardless of your position in life, your career experience, or your long-term goals, you absolutely MUST have a plan and my system will work for you. Whether or not you have a professional “vision” in mind for the future, this e-workbook will guide you step-by-step to define what you want and how to get it.

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  • Detailed training on specific, proven techniques and strategies that will help you grow your professional skills and achieve your career goals.
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  • Tools, templates and resources so you’ll have everything you need to create your professional success now and in the future.

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You will:

  • Clearly define your professional assets and liabilities
  • Understand how to minimize and improve your areas of weakness and create tangible actions steps for doing so
  • Develop a comprehensive vision of your professional future and establish goals that will guide you there
  • Identify your core values and how they influence your career choices
  • Create your own Career Cornerstone, a unique visual tool used to keep you focused and empowered throughout your professional life
  • Construct your own comprehensive written Professional Development Plan (PDP) that outlines the steps needed for professional skill development
  • Learn how to make smart career decisions on your own, how to stay motivated and hold yourself accountable, how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of your dreams, and SO MUCH MORE!!

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