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Accountability coaching to keep you moving forward

ACCELERATE your success

Attention: This program is currently only available for past coaching clients. 

Studies show that people who have ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS achieve 95% of their goals.

Imagine what would be possible for you if 95% of your career goals became reality...

  • Maybe you’d get that promotion or that big raise you’ve been hoping for.
  • Maybe you’d have a new job or a brand new career.
  • Maybe you’d find more opportunities and be prepared to seize them fast.
  • Maybe you’d resolve those nagging struggles holding you back in your career (things like lack of confidence, disorganization, fear and self-sabotage).
  • Maybe you’d finally follow through and do the things you’ve wanted to for years!

Often, I meet people who want great things for their career, but life always seems to get in the way. They get busy and put their own professional goals on the back burner…sometimes for years. That’s why accountability is so crucial. Without it, most people lose motivation and eventually lose sight of the goal.

If you’ve been struggling to make real progress on your career goals, it’s time to stop going it alone. I want to be your accountability partner.

I'm Chrissy Scivicque.

As a professional career coach, I help turn career dreams into reality.

How? By challenging you to take consistent, intelligent action.

I hold your feet to the fire, in a supportive and compassionate way, so you can achieve the things you want most.

As your accountability partner, I will...

  • Help You Plan

    I'll give you step-by-step tools to create your specific career goals and map out a plan to achieve them.

  • Help You Take Action

    I'll hold your feet to the fire with specific accountability appointments where we’ll check in on your progress and fight anything getting in your way.

  • Help You Succeed

    I'll make sure you have all the support, resources and strategic guidance you need to keep your commitments and experience the career success you want and deserve.

Stop giving in to procrastination, lack of motivation, lack of time, and every other excuse you have in your back pocket.


Together, we can overcome ANY career or workplace challenge you’re currently facing. For example:

  • Address conflicts you’re having with co-workers, superiors or subordinates.
  • Get help preparing for crucial career conversations like asking for a raise or discussing a promotion to ensure you get what you really want.
  • Upgrade professional skills like delegating, saying “no,” setting boundaries, managing time or stress, communicating, networking, and managing mindset/attitude.
  • Identify specific things that aren’t working in your career and find ways to resolve them.
  • Boost motivation and find greater career satisfaction on a daily basis.
  • Tactically approach the process of visualizing the next step in your professional journey and how to get there.
  • Define specific career goals and establish/execute a plan for achieving them.

“Working with Chrissy was a great experience, such a positive investment in myself and my future. She helped me sort through my doubts and fears, and opened my eyes to the vast possibilities out there! Her patience, strategic planning, and thoughtful questions were all so encouraging in moving forward along my career path.”

–T. Coe, San Francisco, CA

Affordable Coaching for Career-Minded, Driven Professionals

The Career Club is designed to make career coaching affordable. It's for you if...

  • You want to work with a coach but don't need a comprehensive program.
  • You know what you're trying to achieve and you're ready to take action to make it happen.
  • You are committed to your own career success. 
  • You are already taking steps to achieve your goals, but just need an added push to stay on track. 

The Career Club is NOT for you if...

  • You don't know what you want to do with your career. 
  • You are looking to make a major career change but don't know what that looks like yet. 
  • You want to meet with a coach on a weekly basis. 

If this describes you, you need a full coaching program. Learn more here

How Accountability Coaching Works

The primary goal of each session is to help you stay focused on the right action to propel you forward in your career. 

Typically, during a session:

We discuss what you’ve accomplished and celebrate.

You share where you are struggling and any questions you have.

I share strategies to overcome challenges and answer your questions.

Together we determine your next steps and discuss obstacles that may arise.
(I help you identify these things if you don’t immediately see them.)

Together we brainstorm anything else you may need.

You leave the session with a clear plan of action and a hefty dose of motivation.

Sessions are fast, convenient and effective.

How The Career Club Works

  • Because members enjoy deeply discounted coaching rates, the club is limited to 15 members at any time. 
  • Club members get two 30-minute accountability sessions each month (or one 1-hour session).
  • Membership requires a 3-month minimum. After that, you can cancel at any time.
  • Sessions take place via phone or Skype for international clients. 
  • Prior to each session, you will complete a prep form to help make sure we can hit the ground running when we jump on the call.
  • You schedule your own sessions using my online calendar. Sessions for the club are available every Tuesday and Thursday. If you need a different day, please email me before you sign up to see if we can make it work. 
  • If you don’t schedule your sessions, you forfeit them. Sessions for each month do not roll over if they aren’t used.
  • You are responsible for taking advantage of your sessions. I won’t hunt you down!
  • Prior to the first session, you will complete a goal-setting exercise to help us both get clear on what you’re trying to accomplish. (Those who stay in the program for a while may do this exercise a few times as they achieve goals and set new ones.)
  • If, in any given month, you want more time with me than what’s included in the club, you get a special members-only discount on my hourly coaching rate.

Don't let another day (or year) go by without making progress on your career goals

Let’s partner together and make it happen once and for all.

You'll have a trusted advisor to walk beside you on your career journey; an objective, compassionate professional who is on your side; someone with whom you can brainstorm, voice frustrations and clarify processes. Someone who will help you meet and exceed your goals.

What Will YOU Achieve?

Become a Member of The Career Club Today

$297 USD for the first 3 months; $99 USD per month after 

Sign Up

After signing up, you will be able to immediately book your sessions using my online scheduler. 

After the first three months, you are free to cancel at any time. 

NOTE: My regular rate is $297 for only ONE hour, so this is an extreme discount. That's why the club is limited to just 15 people. 

About Your Coach

Chrissy Scivicque is a Certified Professional Career Manager (PCM) and trained life coach. She has worked with hundreds of clients since 2009. Her approach is structured, strategic and solution-focused.

I provide guidance using my signature methodology, so you can break out of analysis paralysis and step into action.

As your coach, I'm unbiased and objective (unlike friends and family). My job is to help you gain clarity around the right next steps for YOU in your career.

I respectfully challenge your assumptions and beliefs, helping you break out of old, restrictive patterns that aren't serving you.

I help you leverage proven strategies for career change and advancement to ensure you don't fall victim to common traps.

“Chrissy has a wonderful, warm, and highly respectful way of helping people with what they need most. She gets right away what the issue is and knows just how to provide assistance to help you help yourself. She has provided me with great tools that I’m actively using, and getting return on. You won’t regret using her services!”

– C. Downing, Alabama