Are you hungry for more in your career?

Professional career coach, Chrissy Scivicque, will help you finally achieve your career goals...whatever they may be.

  • Find a new career that's right for YOU
  • Land a new (awesome) job fast
  • Advance your career in the direction YOU want to go

Working with Chrissy will help you get clear on what you really want from your professional life and how to get there. You'll feel motivated, empowered and capable of achieving your true career ambitions.

My Strategic Expertise

  • Career Change

    Leverage my proven, proprietary process for identifying your ideal career match.

  • Career Advancement

    Learn strategies to make yourself "promotable" and accelerate your growth.

  • Job Search

    As a hiring and employment expert, I'll demystify the process and quickly improve your results.

My Emotional Expertise

I understand that career transitions are as emotional as they are strategic. I am also an empathetic coach. I listen for fear, self-sabotage and other underlying beliefs that might limit your success. Together, we address these issues with compassion, respect and a real-world perspective to help you overcome any barrier that may get in your way. 

“Working with Chrissy was a great experience, such a positive investment in myself and my future. She helped me sort through my doubts and fears, and opened my eyes to the vast possibilities out there! Her patience, strategic planning, and thoughtful questions were all so encouraging in moving forward along my career path.”

–T. Coe, San Francisco, CA

One-on-One Career Coaching Programs 

I currently offer three coaching programs as outlined below

Primary Focus
Discover your professional potential; identify a new career or advancement opportunities; create and execute a strategic career plan.

This program is ideal for people who want to make a major career transition and aren’t sure what that looks like or how to make it happen.

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Primary Focus
Optimize career documents (cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile); prepare for interviews; develop and execute a strategic job search.

This program is ideal for people who are planning on launching a job search in the next 6 months and those who are already searching.

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Primary Focus 
Accountability; consistently execute career plans and address current career challenges

This program is ideal for people who know where they want to go in their career but just need a little push to get there.

ATTENTION: This program is currently only available for past coaching clients. 

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“Chrissy has a wonderful, warm, and highly respectful way of helping people with what they need most. She gets right away what the issue is and knows just how to provide assistance to help you help yourself. She has provided me with great tools that I’m actively using, and getting return on. You won’t regret using her services!”

– C. Downing, Alabama

About Your Career Coach

Chrissy Scivicque has devoted her career to helping others achieve success in theirs.

Chrissy is a Certified Professional Career Manager (PCM) and trained life coach. She has been working with clients one-on-one and in small groups since 2009.

Chrissy believes that work can and should be a nourishing, enriching part of the life experience. Through her work as a career coach, Chrissy helps her clients discover what that means for them (because it's different for everyone) and how to achieve it.

In the past, Chrissy has been a job hopper and a chronically dissatisfied worker. She knows what it's like to want more from your career. She has also experienced the life changing impact of finding professional nourishment. For the past 10+ years, she has looked forward to going to work each day. She has achieved multiple promotions and awards for her work, and can't imaging doing anything else with her life.

Chrissy is always happy to share her personal experiences with her clients, but she never forgets that coaching is all about the client. She actively listens, poses powerful questions and offers a unique perspective you won't find in other career coaches. Her experience and powerful presence has made her an in-demand career coach and professional development trainer.

“Chrissy respectfully challenges me and keeps me on track to meet my personal and professional goals.”

–Carlos B., Stockholm, Sweden

“I think what motivated me most was how Chrissy supported my good ideas, scaled back some of my long-term ideas and helped me form a more specific plan.”

–Stoney W., Florida