Improve Your Skills, Enhance Your Performance, Deliver More Value and Love Your Career 

Attention Administrative Professionals: Yours is perhaps the toughest position in any organization.

My name is Chrissy, and I know because I’m a proud former executive assistant.

I’ve experienced the unique challenges of the admin role—and the unique rewards.

To this day, I have the deepest admiration and appreciation for all you do.

But support professionals need support too. That’s why I developed my custom training and development program, ELEVATE Admins. This program educates and empowers admins like no other program on the market. 

Since 2009, I’ve delivered the ELEVATE Admins program on-site at some of the world’s most well-respected organizations, including Capital One, Northrop Grumman, and dozens more.

This program has consistently helped admin teams boost productivity and performance. The totally interactive experience creates a fun, engaging learning atmosphere unlike anything else available. ELEVATE Admins has been truly life changing for the admins who have experienced it.

However, I’ve come to realize that hosting on-site training programs isn’t always realistic for every organization. Some companies have small admin teams, making the investment hard to justify.

I’ve also found that many admins crave development, learning and support—and they’re willing to do it on their own. They don’t need organizational backing. They just need access.

That’s why—for the first time ever—I’m opening up the ELEVATE Admins materials as a self-study program.

While the onsite program is fully customized to meet the needs of the team I’m working with, this self-study includes elements from all of the core concepts. It’s a consolidated package of learning materials that you can work through at your own pace. Think of it as your own personal workshop.

This is the next best thing to having ELEVATE Admins onsite. It’s an ideal learning opportunity for admins at all levels in all industries. 

The Benefits 

With the ELEVATE Admins Self-Study Program, you will build a variety of new skills to:

  • Perform higher-level tasks and projects
  • Produce higher quality work
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Engage in more extensive critical and creative thinking
  • Work independently
  • Resolve challenges quickly and effectively
  • Proactively prevent challenges in the future
  • Improve communication (inside the team and outside)
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Effectively manage stress and change
  • Maintain morale and positive attitude
  • Deliver powerful positive outcomes for the business

But the true results are much more extensive than this list. You will experience greater job satisfaction and a deeper level of professional investment. In turn, you will serve your executive(s) and the organization in more meaningful way.

Get the ELEVATE Edge

"Feedback from our Elevate Admins participants was highly positive and reflected Chrissy’s understanding of the Executive Admin role and its importance to organizational success. Chrissy’s program is unique and I’m so glad we found it!”

Tara Duncan, Arizona Game and Fish Department, 2017

This package includes...

  • Video Training 1: Kickoff

    Online access is available for one year after purchase

    • This session offers a high-level concept overview, materials review, and motivation to get you excited about what’s to come.
  • Workbook 1: Reinforcing Your Foundation (Core Competencies)

    This digital download (PDF) is yours to keep forever. Topics include…

    • INTRODUCTION: Defining strategic partnership, competency model overview, code of excellence
    • QUALITIES & CHARACTERISTICS: Building trust, requirements for success, professional presence and confidence
    • ORGANIZATION: Space management, paper management, virtual space management
    • TIME MANAGEMENT: Managing up, task collection and processing, prioritization principles, supporting multiple people, leveraging systems, calendar management, meeting management, follow up systems, email management (for yourself and for your executive)
    • COMMUNICATION: Defining communication styles, adapting your behaviors, communicating with your executive
    • CLIENT SERVICE: Respectful gatekeeping, uncovering needs, listening, emotional intelligence, managing emotions in the workplace
    • TECHNOLOGY: Leveraging tech tools, managing information overload, staying up-to-date
  • Workbook 2: Exploring the Next Level (Advanced Competencies)

    This digital download (PDF) is yours to keep forever. Topics include…

    • BIG PICTURE UNDERSTANDING: Defining and understanding the Executive Perspective, distinguishing fact from opinion
    • STRATEGIC PROBLEM SOLVING & PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: The 6-step problem solving process, unintended consequences, building a business case, evaluating the outcome, solving business problems, process mapping
    • DECISION-MAKING & JUDGEMENT: Success strategies, helping executives make decisions
    • ANTICIPATION OF NEEDS: Enhancing the proactive skillset, success strategies
    • ADAPTABILITY & AGILITY: Change management, stages of change, becoming a change champion
    • POWER TOOLS: Leadership, self-management, teamwork, career ownership
  • Video Training 2: Wrap Up

    Online access is available for one-year from purchase

    • This session offers a review of key insights, answers to frequently asked questions, and final suggestions to ensure concepts are implemented successfully.
  • Workbook 3: Self-Study Guide

    This digital download (PDF) is yours to keep forever.

    • This guide includes an extensive series of 100+ additional self-reflection questions and activities for exploration of topics on your own or with fellow participants.
  • BONUS: ELEVATE Edge Quick Tip Sheets

    • Downloadable one-page documents that highlight the key lessons for each core and advanced competency, as well as the 4 power tools.
  • Bonus: Project Management for Non-Project Managers Workbook

    This digital download (PDF) is yours to keep forever. Topics include…

    • The phases of a project and what needs to be done in each
    • How to plan your project effectively using a clear step-by-step methodology
    • Strategies for managing the other people involved in your projects (even without direct authority)
    • How to deal with ever-expanding projects, lack of resources and direction, and other PM obstacles
    • Relatable, relevant examples to help you experience successful project management in action

About the Materials 

All workbooks are downloadable PDFs that are yours to keep. They include comprehensive self-assessments, templates, case studies, resource lists, roadmaps and more.

  • PLUS! Coaching with Chrissy

    Every participant will also receive a 60-minute one-on-one coaching session with Chrissy (via phone or video conference)

    • Get your questions answered!
    • Chrissy will help brainstorm solutions to any challenges you're having implementing the strategies.
    • During this session, Chrissy will also evaluate your overall comprehension of the materials.
    • Upon completion, if you have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the program materials, you will receive a signed Certificate of Completion.


Single Participant Purchase

$447 USD

You can access all videos and materials immediately after purchase, and schedule your coaching session with Chrissy

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Important Notes 

Purchase of this program is good for ONE individual participant. If you have a group of admins in your organization who would like to participate, you may be eligible for special pricing and additional options for delivery. Please inquire here.

If your organization is interested in bringing ELEVATE Admins onsite, please submit a request form to learn more about how it works.  

All materials are copyright protected. You may not share your materials with any non-paying participant.